'\"S.T Fashion Channel Pakistan\" 2016 Fashion Show Rehearsal Day-4'

'\"S.T Fashion Channel Pakistan\" 2016 Fashion Show Rehearsal Day-4'
09:42 Dec 26, 2022

'\"S.T Fashion Channel\" We are feeling so Proud because in Pakistan there is a lot of Talented Persons like \"Fashion Photographers\", \"Fashion Models\", \"Makeup Artists\", \"Creative Directors\", \"Show Choreoghraphers\", \"Model Coordinaters\", \"Model Groomers\" & \"Model\'s Promoter\". But some \"Fake Agencies\" & \"Non Professional persons\" are giving a wrong guidelines to the \"New Comer Models\" however male/female. So Please do not trust on these type of Agencies & Persons & do not waste your time & money because they are providing an Improper ways. If the \"New Comer Models\" Male/Female want to be a \"Professional Model\" they must have to adopt the proper \"Plate Form\". Our Aim & Target is to provide the proper \"Plate Form\" to the \"New Comer Models\" Male/Female via \"S.T Fashion Channel\". Today we will tell you the Right Persons or Way to the Fashion Industry. 1- Fashion Photographer :- Fashion Photographer tells you the right way that how to face the camera because the Fashion Photographer better knows that when & how to capture best Expressions & Style. 2- Model Groomer :- Model Groomer provides the guideline & training about the Expressions, Styling & Grooming also guides how to make the proper Body Language for the Fashion Industry. S.T Fashion Channel S.T Fashion Channel is launched by Style Take Modeling Agency for new talent .This Channel is promoting new comers and giving them opportunity to prove them selves in fashion world. S.T Fashion Channel will make sure you come on screen by S.T Fashion Channel and give you chance to work with our channel according to your talent (fashion shows, Fashion Films, Hosting, Road Show, and Models Photo-Shoot Competitions, Just join S.T Fashion Channel and be apart of fashion world. S.T Fashion Channel is making many different programs for new talent.S.T Fashion Channel is working on Fashion Wheel. And Street Style Fashion Shows giving new models info about boding building, how to maintain themselves. which exercise ,which diet makes them a perfect model to make their dreams come true St fashion channel is not promoting only new comer models St fashion channel promoting all kind of talent related to showbiz .St fashion channel is having interviews of upcoming photographers,make-up artist,model promoters,model groomers,singers and fashion designers to make people know them and their talent St fashion channel is giving this platform to acknowledge about fashion world and how you can become apart of this world if you have talent and courage to prove themselves .St fashion channel has started this channel for all kinds of talent about fashion world are most welcome on our St fashion channel Normally some parents do not like their kids to join fashion world due to some reasons but St Fashion Channel assure you that our St modeling agency has done our work with all sincerity and dignity that\'s why we started St Fashion Channel to help new talent prove themselves Because new models are always exited for work without waiting for any time. Fashion show or any product\'s shoot is their anything for me or has any brand shoot for me, For that\'s why our agency decided to make a platform for new talent. NOW St fashion Channel has given this GOLDEN opportunity to new comers work with our Channel so people will get know you and your talent for all parents & who want to become to model visit our website www.styletake.com & subscribe our channel https://www.facebook.com/StyletakeCom-118322619983/ get Appointment for your dreams come true. IF YOU ARE INTERESTED TO JOIN ST FASHION CHANNEL LIKE, SHARE AND SUBSCRIBE OUR CHANNEL CONTACT: 03004219025 / 03249406277 FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/StyletakeCom-118322619983/ http://link2fb.com/ style take modeling agency ST MODELS AGENCY style take modeling agency ST MODELS AGENCY style take modeling agency ST MODELS AGENCY style take modeling agency ST MODELS AGENCY Vstyle take modeling agency ST MODELS AGENCY'

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