'How To Style The Chelsea Boot'

'How To Style The Chelsea Boot'
01:08 Oct 9, 2022
'If you\'re thinking your shoe rotation needs an injection of coolness, look no further than the Chelsea boot.  Jordan\'s going to show you how easy it is to incorporate this dope boot into your style routine with two different looks that are great for a variety of occasions.  Explore Toecap: http://www.combatgent.com/toecap   Model is wearing:  Look 1: Chocolate Brown Suede Chelsea Boot: https://www.combatgent.com/toecap/chocolate-brown-suede-chelsea-boot Indigo Selvedge Denim: www.combatgent.com/denim Olive Green Lightweight Crossweave Shirt: https://www.combatgent.com/shirts/olive-green-lightweight-crossweave-button-down-slim-fit-casual-shirt  Look 2: Tan Suede Chelsea Boot: https://www.combatgent.com/toecap/tan-suede-chelsea-boot Chocolate Brown Chino Travel Jacket: https://www.combatgent.com/outerwear/chocolate-brown-slim-fit-travel-jacket Brown and Blue Wide Stripe Dress Shirt: https://www.combatgent.com/shirts/brown-and-blue-wide-stripe-spread-collar-slim-fit-shirt Navy Slim Endurance Denim: https://www.combatgent.com/denim/navy-slim-endurance-denim Knit Tie: https://www.combatgent.com/ties  Jordan is wearing:  Charcoal Plaid Travel Blazer: https://www.combatgent.com/outerwear/charcoal-plaid-slim-fit-travel-blazer Light Blue Mini Herringbone Dress Shirt: https://www.combatgent.com/shirts/light-blue-mini-herringbone-slim-fit-semi-spread-collar-shirt Indigo Selvedge Denim: www.combatgent.com/denim  __________________________________________________________________  It’s time to step up your style game; welcome to The Dress Smarter Shoe Guide.  We’re going to help you find the perfect pair of shoes and show you exactly how to style them the right way.  Host: Jordan O\'Brien @thejobrien  Facebook: http://facebook.com/combatgent  Instagram: http://instagram.com/combatgent  Twitter: http://twitter.com/combatgent Twitter: http://twitter.com/DressSmarter  Google+: http://google.com/+Combatgent  Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/combatgent  Until next time, don\'t forget to Dress Smarter.' 

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